3 Easy DIY Prom Hairstyles For Short Hair

A bunch of bobby pins are scattered on a yellow background.

I’ve always had short hair-and I love it- but when prom season rolls around, it’s always a little stressful thinking about what I should/could do with my hair. There are  ideas all over the internet for the girls with long locks, but when it comes to short hair, it can be a little more hard to find cute and simple options. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right blog! I’ve put together a few hairstyles for you short hair babes out there, to make you feel confident and beautiful on prom day. 

You may be thinking that having short hair doesn't give you the option of an updo, but think again. For both my junior and senior years, I wanted an updo to compliment the high necklines that my dresses had. Without hesitation, my hairstylist took a peek at the pictures of what I wanted and got to work. I may have had 700 bobby pins in my head, but my hair turned out so cute,  that I used the same style for both years. 

Lobs & Bobs.

The key to any short hair updo is hairspray and a whole bunch of bobby pins. (I wasn’t kidding about the 700 bobby pins!) If you are planning on doing your own hair for prom here are some DIY options for you to try. With any DIY hairstyle, I recommend practicing a few times before prom day, that way you will not be stressed about what it might look like.

Look #1.

girl with blonde hair. Her hair is in the braided crown style.

In the case that you are wanting a full updo, you can do the short hair version of a braided crown. First, you are going to start by parting your hair into two sections. Usually the middle part is the best way to go for this look, but if you are against the middle part, you can always try a side part. Just make sure both sections are mostly equal, that way the braids look similar in size. Next, starting from the top of your head, dutch braid each section around the sides of your head- making the “crown” and secure with an elastic.  Then, wrap one end of the braid around the back of the head and pin it into place, and repeat with the other section. If you can hide the ends, by tucking them under the braids, it will help the illusion of a single braid. If you're wanting more of a messy, boho look, pull the sides of the braids, to give them a more full look, and then pull small pieces of hair out around your ears and face. This will create a looser, more romantic look, as well as make the hair look thicker and more full. After taking these pieces out, you can give them a light curl to frame up your face and complete the look.

Look #2.

Girl with blonde hair. She has two braids on the side of her head to give the illusion that it is shaved.

If you are wanting to leave some of your hair down, a fun and edgy idea is the “half shave braid.” For this look take one, or both, sides of your hair and separate it from the rest of your mane. Then, take that section and french, or dutch braid, braid it creating the “half shave” illusion. You can have one braid, or as many as you want. Personally, I recommend 3 braids. After you have completed the braids, pin them behind and under the rest of your hair to hide the ends. For the remaining hair, you can curl it to give a little volume, or straighten it and add hairspray to slick it back to give major edgy vibes. 

Lilly has blonde short hair. She is wearing her hair in a faux shaved braid and wearing an off the shoulder blue ballgown.

Look #3. 

The next beautiful way to style short hair for prom is as simple as leaving it down! There are a variety of styles and vibes that you can achieve by leaving your hair down and free.

Olivia is wearing a white sheath prom gown, she is standing in front of a blue brick wall and her hair is down and straight.

If you’re going for a sleek, modern, boss-babe look, straightening your hair is a must. You can also give your hair a sexy touch by slicking the hair back with hair gel, add some  hairspray and you’ve got a hot, vogue-worthy look.

If you’re looking for a style that’s more classy, and a little retro, then soft, brushed out curls are the way to go. These waves will frame, and draw attention to your beautiful face, as well as take any look up a notch, by adding some serious Hollywood glam. All you have to do is take a large barrel curling iron, or wand, and curl your locks. Set them with some hairspray, then softly brush them out. Again, setting with hairspray to finish the look! 

This XO babe is looking over her shoulder and standing in front of a yellow VW bus. She has short blonde hair and it is loosely curled.

So, hopefully by now I’ve convinced you, my short haired babe, that you have a ton of options to be a show-stopper at prom. If none of these looks are up your ally, you can always check out Pinterest for more inspiration. If you do try one of these looks out, or something else, show me pictures in the comments below! 

~Life is too short to have boring hair~

XO, Olivia.

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