7 Stunning Prom Makeup Looks for 2021

During prom season, there are many decisions to be made. Obviously, your prom dress is an important part of your prom night, but have you thought of the makeup look you want to go with? Prom makeup can transform an entire look with just a few simple steps. This is the time to express yourself and your style in a way you never have! Do you want to go with a bright eye and bold lip, or an all-natural glowy vibe?

With all the makeup tutorials and famous makeup artists on Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, there are many places to look for inspiration. It can almost feel overwhelming, but all you have to do is pick the look you want to go for, and you are sure to find a tutorial with a quick google search! There are so many different options, and we are going to lay them out for you to see in one place so that you can complete your prom look with the perfect makeup style:

Bright Eyes


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A bright eye is a key to bringing attention to the face. Choose a color that contrasts with your skin tone to create a beautiful and bold prom makeup look. Brighten your eyes up with lighter shadows or play around with different colors. To make your eyes look even bigger and brighter, don't skip the inner corners. Packing some eyeshadow into those corners can bring brightness to an area normally left in the dark.

For a bright and detailed eye look, we love getting on TikTok for inspo! We love looking to makeup artist Dez Hopkins (@dezhopkins on TikTok) for some different ways to achieve amazing prom makeup. She has a post dedicated to almost any style you could think of. If she doesn't have it, you can request it in the comments, and she might even create a look tailored to your comment! Another amazing TikToker to get some inspiration from is Vanessa (aka @cutcreaser). You can find these looks on Instagram or TikTok, and they are some of the most fun, out of the box looks we have ever seen! Go check her out for some tutorials and amazing makeup looks.

All-Natural Glow


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An all-natural prom makeup look is a classic. You can achieve this with earthy tones, light mascara, lip gloss, and highlighter to glow all night long. An all-natural look is low-maintenance and keeps you looking glam and ready to take on prom night. There's not much to say about this look besides, glow baby glow!

Smokey Eye


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We love a good smokey eye! You can get this look by layering some of the darkest eye shadows in your palette. There are many different smokey eye looks. Whether you want a more neutral smokey eye with brown and taupe or a dark smokey eye with silver and black, whichever look you choose, you will walk into prom looking fierce and ready to take on the night! You can even add some shimmer to make it a more glam smokey eye like in the TikTok above.

Bold Lip

A bold lip can spice up, literally, any look. If you don't feel like putting much effort into the other elements of your prom makeup, throw on a statement lipstick, and you're good to go! Go with bright pink, red, or purple, or darken it up with a black or dark red. The good thing about a bold lip is there are so many colors to choose from. Play around with the colors and see what goes best with the dress you choose. Add some dimension to the lips by choosing a complimenting lip liner. You can over-line your lips for a dramatic and even bolder look. Whatever you choose, you will make a statement.

Cat Eyes


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Listen, we know the cat eye can be intimidating. How in the world do you keep your hand steady long enough to do that? Cat eyes may take practice, but they are so worth it in the end. They truly compliment any eye look and take it a level further to leave you feeling like a cat-eye queen. Use this look to enhance your eyes and draw people in. Smudge the lower lash line to bring the prom makeup look full circle. Use this TikTok tutorial by @daniellemarcan for an easy guide on how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner.

Long Lashes

If you want to make a statement at prom, fake lashes are your best friend. Enhance your lashes by getting lash extensions, or use the store-bought ones. There are plenty of amazing brands out there that will leave your lashes looking full and luscious. This can add even more depth and dimension to your eyes than you could ever imagine. If you haven't tried fake lashes before, trust us! It's a simple process that will leave you loving your look! There are lashes that you can glue on, and there are even magnetic lashes. If you are scared of the mess, magnetic lashes (pictured above) may have just became your new best friend.

Shimmer and Shine


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If you have a sassy and bold sense of style, this look is for you. Choose an eye look that will shimmer and shine all night long. A shimmery eye shadow look is amazing on its own, but when it catches the flashing light, all heads will be turning towards you!

With our tips and inspiration from TikTok makeup artists, you are sure to master your prom makeup look. For more inspiration, you can search Youtube for makeup tutorials. Search any makeup look online, and you are sure to find someone who can show you how to achieve it step by step. Good luck with your makeup and tag us if you use any of our tips!

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