How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Prom Look

XO Babe, Chaste,  is standing under a clear umbrella, held by her date. She is in a black sheath gown with triangle cut outs at the wast. Her date is wearing an all black tux with bright red shoes and tie.

Photo by @chastehope1 on Instagram

What better way to spice up your prom look than with a pop of color!?  Personally, this is one of my favorite ways to customize your prom look and my top suggestion to girls who want to spice up a more simple dress. Did you know that a Pop of Color is different from an Accent Color? If not, you’re not alone! In short, a Pop of Color is adding a color, that is not already featured in your prom gown, and making it a focal point! On the other hand, an accent color is taking an already existing color from the dress and emphasizing it.

XO Babe, Liv, is posing with her prom date. She is in a silver mermaid gown and he is wearing a black tux. She has on a bright red corsage and he is wearing a red tie.

Photo by @liv_lauck on Instagram

The Options.

There are tons of combinations you could use to add a pop color into your prom look. To make things easier,  I have put together a list of color combinations that work well together. Keep in mind, in most pop color cases, gowns are a solid color.

Pop Color

Dress Colors


Black, white, gold, nude, blue, grey, silver, green


Purple, black, blue, red, pink, grey, white, silver, green


Black, purple, navy, nude, grey, white, orange, yellow, red, gold


Red, white, grey, yellow, pink, nude, purple, silver


Black, orange, white, green, grey, nude, gold, silver


Black, yellow, grey, white, blue, green, 


Sparkle looks good with any color, let’s be honest! 

Of course, there are so many other possible color combinations to make your prom look more unique. Whether you pick a pairing from the chart or colors of your own creation, your pop color will provide a lively addition to your look and help you feel amazing on your prom day!

XO Babe, Sav, is being held by her date. She is wearing an all black gown, with bright red heels on. Her date is wearing a tux that has an American Flag print on it.

Photo by @sav_yates on Instagram

The Pop.

Alright, so now that you have your color, how do you make it pop?! There are so many different ways to make that color a focal point, but I've come up with a list of ways that are easy and effective. The first way is not only cute, but helpful as well- If your prom dress has a high slit, you could get a colored pair of spandex and leave the slit open. Bonus points for not having to add sewing the slit up during alterations! Another way to achieve a color popped look is getting shoes and flowers that are a fun color! One more way is to get your date involved, by having him/her be your color pop! If your dress is a solid color, have his/her tux, tie, or accessories be a bold color. 

XO Babe, Mackenzie, is standing in front of a brick wall. She has a silver sheath gown on and bright yellow Converse high top shoes on. She also is wearing a corsage with yellow sunflowers in it.

Photo by @maaack14 on Instagram

If you had a unique Pop of Color in your prom look, we want to see it! Send them our way or comment below with your photos!

~Be the pop of color in a world of black & white~

XO, Olivia.

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