How to Add an Accent Color to Your Prom Look

XO Babe Ashlynn is standing next to her date with her back facing us. She has a beautiful navy mermaid gown, with peach flowers on it. The back is open with criss-crossed straps. Her date has a grey tux on and they are standing in front of a brick wall.

Photo by @ashlynn_meyer20 on Instagram

Whether it’s through accessories, makeup, or flowers, accenting a color from your gown will add some flare to any prom look. As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, pop colors and accent colors are very similar, but different. To really drive that point home, think of an accent color as adding more of a specific color to your look and a pop of color as adding a new color to your look.

Tips & Tricks. 

When deciding on a color to accent, I personally try to find my favorite, and least common, color in the dress to accentuate. Sometimes this can be difficult, so be prepared for a challenge. For my junior prom I wanted to use the yellow from the top of my gown, but as you can see (below), that doesn’t always work. We looked everywhere, but weren’t able to get my date’s vest and tie in the exact yellow I wanted. So, instead, we went with the pink but I loved how it turned out! When you are shopping for your date’s look, try to bring your dress with you! Trust me, it makes color matching so much easier!

Olivia is standing next to her date. Scott, on a black spiral staircase She has on a white two piece gown. The top has pink, yellow, and green flowers embroidered on it. Scott is wearing a black tux, with a hot pink tie.

Once you have chosen a color, you need to decide on how you are planning to accent it. If you’re going to prom with a date, having them wear that color with their tux is a super easy and charming way to match your date. If you aren’t going with someone, or if you want to add even more to your look, you can accentuate your color through makeup, jewelry, accessories, nails, shoes, and flowers.

XO Babe and her date are standing next to a black pole. She has on a strapless black gown, with lots of beading and flowers on it.

Photo by @paigebutler on Instagram

Although finding the exact color can be a difficult task, IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT. Accent colors are super fun and fresh (all my sisters where you at?) and make your prom look feel personalized and unique.

 ~I can't wait to see what you all come up with~

XO, Olivia.

**Photo in thumbnail by @jaydenb_20 on Instagram**

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