Out With The Old In With The New

XO by Sophia's Logo. The writing is a black script and there is a hot pink underline under Sophia's.

Remember, way back in my first blog, when I said new/big things were coming? Well, the wait is over, and the news is here! I am so pleased to announce that Sophia’s Prom is rebranding! Say hello to XO By Sophia’s!

Why the Switch?

After a great season last year, we wanted to find ways to make the prom shopping experience even better for you. By rebranding, we will be able to give the prom shopping experience a new and exclusive feel. XO will be the place to shop for your dress for prom 2020! 

Inside XO's storefront. There are two hot pink velvet chairs next to two prom gowns. One is a Royal Blue A line Gown and the other is a white off the shoulder two piece sheath gown. There is a Hot Pink, Silver, and Light Pink balloon arch on the right going over the top of the chairs and dresses.

What’s new?  

Other than our new name and a little face lift for the store, XO Prom will continue to provide a positive and inviting environment and incredible customer service to make your prom experience special.

One of the most exciting changes XO will bring this upcoming prom season, will be our Pop-Up Shops!!  We are happy to announce that we will be opening 4 mini-stores during the season, January-April, across Indiana, to give girls in every part of the state the opportunity to shop these incredible designer gowns! One of the most exciting parts of this expansion is that all 4 locations will have hundreds of gorgeous gowns all under $499!! How incredible is that!? We are still in the process of deciding where these Pop-Up locations will be. So, if you would like to see one in a specific area, leave a comment below with where you would like to see us go! 

We can’t wait to see you in our new stores for the 2020 prom season and make you an XO Babe!

XO by Sophia's Secondary Logo. Black XO is in the middle and "By Sophia's"  is circling the outside 4 times.

~Laters Babes~

XO, Olivia.

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