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Prom has come and gone. You've made the best memories with your best friends, and it's so fun to reflect on. After you've celebrated prom, you're left with a dress that you probably wouldn't wear regularly--so what next? This is always the question that usually yields an obvious answer: Just put it in the closet. But, people don't realize there are many different steps you can take with your dress after prom. Whether you want to keep it or get rid of it, here is a list of things to do with your old prom dress:


1. Sell it


Selling a prom dress is the standard route that people choose to go, but many people wait until they're older to sell it. If you wait too long, it could go out of style, so get on it quickly if this is what you want to do! You can sell your prom dress on websites like Poshmark, thredUP, eBay, Facebook, etc. Just be careful when selling to people you don't know if it's a meetup. Bring an extra person with you and meet in a busy area.


2. Alter it


If you want the chance to wear your prom dress again, you can always have it altered. You could have it shortened, or the straps changed. You could even have the embellishments removed depending on how technical you want to get with it. Take it to the tailor, and they can tell you all the options you have with your specific dress.


3. Donate it


So many girls decide not to go to prom because they can't afford one of the high costs--a dress. Donating a dress to someone who needs it could make someone so happy. Some places distribute donations to those in need if you don't have a specific person in mind. If you've been to prom, you know how important it is to the high school experience! It's so fun to go and make memories with your friends, and everyone who wants the opportunity should be able to go.


4. Hand it down


If you have a younger sibling who you know will need a dress, keep it in the fam! Most of the time, younger siblings look up to their older siblings, and it would be so cool for them to get to wear your prom dress!


5. Swap it with a friend


If you and your friends are attending multiple proms, you can swap your dress with theirs! With this method, you would probably have to be similar in size, or you could have it altered! This is a fun way to get a different look and even more fun pics for the same occasion. It's so fun dressing up; you may as well do it twice for the price of once.


6. Keep and preserve it


If you are interested in keeping your dress, you should highly consider preservation! This ensures your dress is clean and prepared to store. You don't want to take a dress that you were sweating in, spilling on, and potentially getting dirty as you danced and put it in the closet. Who knows how long it will be in there? To have it professionally cleaned and preserved prevents yellowing, worsening stains, smells, and more. It's great if you plan to pass it down later in life or to resell it eventually. You want it to be in the best shape possible after spending all that money on it!


What are some other creative things you've done with your old prom dress? Leave a comment if we missed one, and give other people some more ideas! <3







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