What Type of Hairstyle You Should Pick Based Off Your Prom Dress's Back

Three girls walking away in their homecoming dresses. All of their hair is done according to the back of their gown.

Here’s the situation: It’s two weeks before prom day, you've purchased your dress, alterations are done, you have all the accessories you need, and your appointments are scheduled. At this point you are trying to figure out exactly what makeup look you want, which nails you want to do, and what hairstyles to pick. Hmm what hairstyle to pick? With thousands of different dress styles and hundreds of possible hairstyles, how will you ever choose? One trick I’ve picked up from my 3 years of prom stylist experience is choosing a hairstyle based off of the back of your gown. By basing the hairstyles on your gown’s back, you can narrow down the search a little. 

The Choices. 

Up dos look best with lower and more detailed backs. If your gown’s back has something worth showing off, why hide it with hair?  If you are looking for some updo inspiration check out my previous blogs for some super cute options! 

Girl walking away in her red prom dress. The back of her dress has a lot of straps, so her hair is in an updo.

Photo By @lyrik.talbert on IG

If your gown has a low back, or a simple high back, wearing your hair down is a great choice! High and low backs are great because you can really go either way with your hair. Wearing it down will just add a little more detail to an otherwise simple back, plus who doesn't love showing off their locks?!

Girl in her red prom dress. It has a simple back, so her hair is down

If you’re wanting your hair to be pulled back but still down, a side do is a super cute option. You can achieve this look in many different ways, but one of my fav trends right now is pulling one side all the way back and pinning with a cute clip. The best thing about side do’s is that you can wear them with every kind of back!

These options are just some of my personal recommendations for choosing a prom hairstyle. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and I’m sure that regardless of the hairstyle you choose, you will be absolutely beautiful on your prom day!

~Your hair is the crown you never take off ♡~

XO, Olivia. 

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