What's The Dirt: Flower Edition

A rainbow of flowers are arranged in a diagonal diamond shape. They are on a light yellow backdrop.

One prom tradition that was started a while ago and is still continuing today, is the use of flowers to complete the prom look. Personally, this is one of my favorite prom traditions, I mean who doesn’t love the smell of fresh flowers?! Although it may not be the most important detail to your prom day, adding a fresh floral detail completes the whole prom look and can be a great way to tie colors in. When it comes to choosing how you want to incorporate your flowers, luckily, we have a couple options.


Using a corsage is probably the easiest and most popular use of flowers. It is basically a flower bracelet so it stays on your wrist all night long! Also, depending on your preference, you can get away without wearing a bracelet.  If you are struggling to decide what colors you want to add into your corsage, take a look at Pop of Color and How to Pick an Accent Color  blogs for some inspiration!

The view is over the shoulder of a prom girl. Her date is holding her hand a putting a corsage on her wrist. The flowers are white roses.


When most people hear the word bouquet, their first thought may be bridal, but believe it or not, this is an up and coming prom trend! We are even seeing it more and more with our own #XOBabes. Bouquets are great for pictures because they are bigger and more noticeable than the typical corsage, so they will absolutely pop in your photos. But when it comes to the actual dance, you’ll want to make sure you have a safe spot to keep it while breaking out those dance moves! If you are wanting to switch things up a bit, you should look into getting a bouquet this prom season! 

XO Babe's posing in their prom dresses. The girls are standing next to each other with their arms around each other and their other arm stretched in the air holding their bouquets. They are standing in front of a lake with the sunset in the back.

Photo By @taylorrosegordon on IG


These are traditionally worn with tuxes and are another great way to match your date or add some color to their look. Sometimes, a boutonniere will come with the purchase of a corsage but not always. If your date is getting the corsage for you, make sure you ask them that way you don't end up with 2 boutonnieres like I did 😉

Female hands are placing a boutonniere with white flowers and red ribbon on her date's tux.

~Oopsy Daisy~

 XO, Olivia.

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